World Poetry Day

         Giving the Gifts that Keep on Giving

a giving that rewards twice.
They gain the knowledge,
which of course, is power.

And then, in scaffolding
the dull thick, facts
into a cathedral,
I pause and appreciate the marvel
of how nature works.

Poetry too, is about making meaning.
And the polishing of a mirror that distorts just enough
to reflect something interesting for

In teaching,
that crystallisation of random facts
into diamond appreciation,
is winning the brightest gold watch.
(after of course, getting the buggers to behave).

Poetry is a bit like that too,
but with words instead of students.


Roddie McKenzie 9/2/13 Revised 21/3/23

It speaks for itself really. I have noticed a theme in my poetry of lifting titles (no copyright on them) and the occasional phrase and incorporating the ideas or event that they represent into the poem. It`s a sort of conceptual collage- a reflection of the cultural influences that shape us. Does that add to the depth of the work?
”Everyman” is there in the dictionary sense.

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