Summary from the Secretary – 14th September 2016

Fiona Pretswell is the Nethergate Writers secretary, and here’s her notes from our last meeting.

Nine of us gathered for the penultimate meeting before classes start in October, with Rosie in the chair.  To mark the end of the soft fruit season, we partook of some strawberries from the Jewel of Strathmore.

The Flyer – we will aim to have this ready for the start of the classes. Abby’s husband has volunteered to design the graphics. Rosie has agreed to investigate prices and the possibility of a bookmark.

SAW – we are now affiliated to the group. There is a rep talk available and this will be arranged for one of the dates before Christmas. Rosie had details of the Conference in March 2017. There are competitions and other activities and registration is £35. It is to be held in Cumbernauld.

Competition – Rosie has received an email about a competition run by Scotland’s Mental Health charity and Breathing Space. This is the ‘Year of Listening’ and they are looking for entries around what does listening mean to you. Closing date is end October with a 500 limit. Rosie to forward the email.

AGM – it was agreed that the AGM will be held on Wednesday 11th January 2017.

Hatch Workshop – Roddie and Tom gave the group feedback on the Hatch Workshop which they had both attended. This was the first of meetings to allow people with different talents and skills to collaborate with people they might otherwise not get to know about. There is more details on the Hatch Scotland webpage.

Seagate 3 anthology – the release date is Oct. It was agreed to wait until after it has been released to advertise it on our website.

Poems on the Law – both Roddie and Colin are involved in this project. Roddie gave details for anybody who wants to go.
New Writing Scotland – reminder that the deadline is 30 September and that all entries must to posted to them.
Scottish Book Trust – 50 word stories. The winners have been announced. It was agreed that the stories from the group could now go on the website.

Susan’s September Reflections  was well received, especially for the way it linked the changing of the seasons with quite intense personal reflections on the passing of time.  There were suggestions for minor changes of vocabulary only.

Depression by Tom provoked considerable discussion, to tease out the meaning behind some subtle metaphor.  A thought-provoking piece.

Roddie had circulated two pieces.  Cumbrae skilfully linked the physical appearance – and appeal – of the island with the writer’s appreciation of it as a restorative haven.  Discussion included questions about the specific names used, whether this was necessary or helpful, along with admiration for its descriptive qualities.

David’s Afternoon Write-Off is a story within a story.  There was some uncertainty as to the age of the characters, or the time in which it is set, and suggestions made to rectify this.

Finally, Roddie’s second piece,  a rant in typical style, was much enjoyed, not least the title, These Septic Isles.  The Establishment provided the targets of Roddie’s wrath.

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