The Engagement Party

Rosie Baillie

Well I know for a fact that my sausage rolls would’ve been crisper than these ones. There’s not a thing I don’t know about making flaky pastry. By the taste of this sorry specimen, there’s a lot that Jean doesn’t know about making pastry.

“Oh Jean, I didn’t see you there, I’m just enjoying one of your delicious sausage rolls, did you make them yourself? You’ve certainly got the knack for pastry!”

Oh she didn’t stop, well probably for the best, I don’t think I could have said much more about that pastry. Where’s Bill got to now? I told him not to leave me on my own by the buffet, but look what he’s gone and done. I think I’ve already had seven cheese balls, and they aren’t even all that nice.

What do I do now though? Bill’s disappeared, and our Andrew’s glued to Sara’s side – that’s to be expected of course, and Bill did tell me, I do have to remember that its their party. You’d think he’d have time to come and chat to his old mum though.

Sara looks almost quite pretty tonight, but I don’t think that neckline works with her chin. I wonder if Andrew’s mentioned the wedding dress shopping expedition to her yet, I really feel I should be there, I’ve an eye for these things, and I mean I’ve been making curtains for years. Andrew looks so handsome though, he is quite a mix of me and Bill, luckily he got his height from my side, and all of his main features. He must be at least a foot taller than Sara. It still surprises me even now that I ended up marrying someone who was shorter than me. I’ve had to stick to flats all these years, think of the shoes that I’ve missed out on.

“Sara, you look beautiful, you’re positively glowing, let me give you a squeeze! Ooh yes off you go, I didn’t hear the door there, more guests I’m sure.”

Well they’ll practically have their house kitted out before they even get married, look at all these gifts, people do go over the top these days. But I wish you could have a proper look though, they’re not opening anything in front of us but I’d love to see. In my day, for the wedding anyway you had the ‘showing of the presents’ and I loved that. I remember my sister’s bedroom got turned into the viewing area, she was not best pleased, but I think it was just jealousy.

Sara mentioned something the other day about a wedding list, I mean a list where they tell you what they want, they’ve really got a cheek. And I think she said something about giving people the chance to buy a paving slab for the patio they’re planning to put in the garden, well I never, I mean how will you wrap that?

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