Monologue by Sandra Anderson

This is my time frame.

23 March 2020:- One hour’s exercise daily – a walk, a run – no family visits, no gym, no golf, no choir, no writing groups and not allowed to travel more than 5 miles. I can practise my piano, daily, will try for at least an hour – surely manage Bob’s tune by Christmas.

Have to cancel holidays! Managing to pay off credit cards as not going anywhere, no fancy or even ordinary meals, no wee pub visits, only food shops open. Can’t believe this is happening.

It’s like a ghost town. Shops and pubs boarded up.

Don’t feel safe, feel  worried. No intentions of eating a carry out even if it was free. Lady in Monifieth died of Covid, bit close for comfort. Are shops safe? Wear a mask? Wash hands, use gel, keep apart.

Fell badly whilst running and damaged ligaments, means no running for eight weeks.

Finished my autobiography, sunbathing, whilst resting ankle. Wrote about Lara, my dear departed dog and got a friend of my daughter’s to illustrate book – looks great. What now though? Write StoryWorth and U3A weekly story.

Eating and drinking too much. Is 3 pm too early to put on jammies? 5 pm – is the bar open? Husband being experimental with cooking.

No hairdresser – what colour is it now? Brown? Grey? White?

No dentist, for doctor a triage which means get past the receptionist and the nurse.

Order from Amazon – but is it safe? Should I leave parcels and mail for three days, wash all shopping?

June – Golf course open – golfing Monday, Wednesday and Friday, fantastic. Car parks full as no car sharing allowed.

July – why are restaurants and pubs open but not hairdressers or gyms? A meal out was lovely BUT my hair?

Pubs open but too busy, too dangerous.

August – hairdresser – yippee – a blonde again instead of 40 shades of grey, keeping it long.

September – Gym open – going Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, run up then run back, Sunday swim, must lose that half stone.

Relaxation – shower, jammies, tea, tv rubbish so watch Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

On Fridays and Saturdays, maybe on Sundays eat chocolate and drink wine.

Trying to lose the added three extra pounds Monday to Friday then wallop it on at weekend.

Dresses languishing in the wardrobe; stilettos shiny and unloved on the shelves.

Which jeans will I wear today? Waterproofs for the golf course; heavy coats, thick jumpers, comfortable walking shoes/boots for walks. What happened to ‘glamorous granny’?

Make-up?  Never used to go out without it but now can’t be bothered.

Hear of people with Covid – dying – losing sense of smell, ill, recovering then ill again.

Friends of friends have the virus. Becoming real now as close friends are infected.

I ‘m lucky. I’m scared. What if? I’m feeling blessed. Thinking about people less fortunate than me.

Pubs half open – meal – Scotch Egg scenario.

Near Christmas – pubs and restaurants shut again – carry outs only – when will it change?

Send, hand deliver or no cards? What about the cards I get – the three day rule?

Presents for kids and grandkids – give money.

Put up decorations, earliest ever, it’s only November! Cheer us up, nice bright colourful lights.

U3A zoom calls – hate looking at myself so switch to next page – don’t do zoom folk singing as muted by host so stopped bothering as no-one can hear me and I can’t hear them. Writing Group – chatty catch up – discuss writing.

Zoom – Nethergate Writers – taken over Secretarial role to become more involved.

No Monifieth Singers and didn’t do zoom AGM.

Put on make-up for zoom calls? Depends.

Bubbles, inside v outside, route maps, tiers? Wear masks if moving. Stopped watching news as depressing and frightening. Too many complicated rules. Research what I need to know.

Vaccine – great. Why not the Oxford one – not had all the tests yet?

People refusing vaccine? Why? They say not enough testing, must be confident.

Is the vaccine the answer? Hope so. I’m for it.

by Sandra Anderson

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